Are You There Internet? It’s Us, the Millennials

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It’s time to admit that a new era is among us and technology is one of the fastest growing aspects of it. With the social media boom, there seems to be no other way to reach teens and young adults unless it’s through a Tweet or Facebook post. I mean come on, who reads the newspaper these days?

In a world thriving to meet diversity, The GDT PR Agency has decided to host the first A Salute to Young Millennials. This salute is meant to celebrate the young, black and gifted adults in the area.

Even though I am one of the few millennials who’s still a firm believer in “historical” news outlets like radio, newspaper and television, I still believe the most effective outlet to reach young adults is online.

Here is my pitch for GDT about the route they should take to get the event into the media and to the right audience.

I think GDT should send out a social media pitch through Twitter by tweeting a picture of its flier, link to its media kit and tagging KATV and Beth Hunt.

See example below.

Screen Shot 2016-07-21 at 8.21.37 PM

Flier created by GDT PR Agency 

“Hey @KATVBeth this would be a great story for @KATV to do on millennials in our region. For more information visit our website (insert link to media kit).”

3 Reasons Why

  • KATV is one of the most popular news station in Arkansas with 100.1k followers on Twitter. With the news station being that big GDT is more likely to have their event reach a wider and more diverse audience. Beth Hunt is also the General Assignment Reporter and covers everything from sports to weather. 
  • I believe that the media kit should be involved because it has a wide range of media with multiple forms of information. If viewers like to read they have fact sheets, news releases, media alerts and more to choose from. If viewers like to see  (me) they have fliers, videos and pictures they can look through.
  • Twitter is the most effective social media outlet because that is where most of young adults are spending their time. It  gives GDT the opportunity to not only pitch its story to KATV, but to also spread the word to its own followers. Killing two birds with one stone!

If you are confused on who is considered to be a millennial here is a helpful infographic I found on Entrepreneur. I am a millennial and I still had to google it. I have no shame. 


Koeppel Direct infographic


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